> being this awake at 4 am


It’s much easier to have a conversation on lj, but yeah, I also find it easier to casually speak to people here.

oh yeah absolutely communication on tumblr is such a MESS!!! actually dont get me started or ill end up complaining about everything i can think of but yeah the plus side is the ease of casual chats… though i think that comes at the price of having somewhat limited privacy settings and ok see look im getting started i must stop at ONCE

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Oh my God, fandomsecrets. That place was a fucking clusterfuck. (I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t fun, though.)

hahahhaha so very much so. but it kept me up to date on what all the current popular fandoms were, i treated it like a news source honestly!! classic times

Re: Cat Macros - from what I recall, it was commonplace to reply to posts that seemed like they were going to explode in wank with cat macros and stuff like "wank countdown in 5...4...3..." etc. Eventually it got to the point where people did those things with just about any post that was remotely controversial that moderators put in a new rule that if they saw either of those things without explicit permission ("macro amnesty"), the user would get a week-long temp ban.

hahahah that sounds about right. the internet is so strange sometimes.. so much drama can come of so little! i love it?? kind of?

You probably have read some of mine, but like 95% were fucking terrible attention-mongering garbage, lmao. Aaaah, that community had a lot of problems, but I met some great people through it.

hahahha :’) yeah looking back on it it sure is a bit of a clusterfuck (probably goes for most lj communities) but yeah its always good when you can get cool memories / friends out of stuff! 



this is so entertaining and also horrifying


Wow, I used to be active on that community aaaaaages ago (though I wasn’t proud of myself at that age). Almost seems like a lifetime ago.

what a world! i might have read some of your rants if you ever posted any (i dont think i personally ever did, i just liked reading them). and yeah.. its weird to think about how long ago all this lj stuff was D: 

i cannot FUCKING believe this is an actual real comic what a world